Instructions for IRB Members

You will receive emails and calendar invitations for the IRB Meetings you are supposed to attend. For virtual meetings, a link will be included in the calendar invitation AND in the meeting agenda.

This guide is about understanding your IRB Member workspace in ARROW.

IRB Member Workspace

MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN UNDER YOUR IRB MEMBER ROLE to access the following items discussed below (you may have more than one user role in ARROW and you can determine which role you’re logged in under looking at the “My Roles” tab (green circle).

Your IRB Member workspace is your personal IRB Member ARROW home page. It contains the following items related to your role as an IRB Member:

  • ALL the items you are required to review
    • Assigned Meeting Agenda Items: These are any upcoming meeting items you have been assigned to review. Clicking the name of the assigned submission (red arrows) takes you directly to that submission
      • Assignments are made approximately 4-6 days prior to a meeting
    • Assigned Meeting Minutes: IF you have been assigned previous meeting minutes for review at your next IRB meeting, you will find them here
      • A personalized email goes out (which includes a copy of the minutes) with more detailed instructions on how to review minutes when you’ve been assigned these to review
    • My Upcoming Meetings: This link (blue arrow) will take you to the agenda for the next IRB meeting you are scheduled to attend
Screenshot of ARROW user interface, from perspective of logged in IRB Member.   The "My Roles" drop-down menu in the upper-left is circled in green, and "IRB Member" selected.  In the middle of the dashboard, "Assigned Meeting Agenda Items" is circled in red, and red arrows point to individual assignments in this list, which can be clicked on to go to that agenda item's workspace.  Below this, "My Upcoming Meetings" is circled in blue, and a blue arrow points to an "HS IRB Panel F" meeting scheduled for a date in the future.


After clicking on your upcoming meeting from your IRBM homepage/workspace (blue arrow) you’ll be taken to the “agenda workspace” (see screenshot below).

Screenshot of an IRB meeting workspace in ARROW.   An orange arrow points to "Print Closed Agenda" under the list of Activities on the left sidebar.  In the middle, two orange circles show protocol ID numbers to click on in the "Submission" column, where one can click to visit the individual submission workspaces.  Two pink arrows point to the "primary reviewer" and "secondary reviewer" column titles, under which the names of IRB Members can be found, indicating their assigned items.

The agenda workspace contains the following:

  • A list of all the submissions on that meeting’s agenda, including submission number links that take you to the workspace for each agenda item (orange circles). PLEASE NOTE: When you click on the submission number (orange circles) a new window will open that contains some basic information for that submission; YOU WILL NEED TO CLICK THE SUBMISSION NUMBER AGAIN in this new window (listed as the submission “ID”) and THEN you will get to the submission workspace
  • The names of the PRIMARY and SECONDARY reviewer for each agenda item (pink arrows)
  • You can ALSO access the “paper” version of the Agenda by clicking the “Print Closed Agenda” (orange arrow); this will take you to the “paper” version of the meeting agenda (see screenshot below):
A screenshot of an IRB Meeting Agenda formatted into a printer-friendly plain text version. 

Under "ZOOM CALL-IN INFORMATION" towards the top, a purple ARROW points to the Zoom URL link.

Further down, in the body of the agenda under "Closed Session," yellow circles indicate an initial application and four change submissions that have been scheduled to this meeting agenda.

Items to note on the “paper” version of the AGENDA:

  • The ZOOM MEETING LINK is always listed at the very top of this “paper” version of the agenda (purple arrow).
    • The zoom link can also be found in the calendar invite for the meeting
  • You are also able to access each submission workspace from this version of the agenda. Click on the submission number (yellow circles) and you will be taken DIRECTLY to the submission workspace
    • Pro Tip: Right-click these links and open them in a new tab. This allows you to keep the “paper” agenda page open whilst navigating any/all meeting agenda items

Who to Contact

  • Help with navigating and using ARROW
    • Contact the IRB Member Point of Contact, Jackie Lee at (608) 261-1157 or Jessie Johnson at (608) 263-0835
  • Questions about a specific protocol