The IRBs offer a range of educational sessions and workshops. These optional training sessions provide a broad overview of the IRB in general or an in-depth exploration of a specific topic.

IRB Workshops & Presentations

Upcoming workshops:

    • IRB for Beginners

      IRB for Beginners is re-launching and will combine important information for both biomedical and social behavioral/educational researchers. The targeted audience includes new researchers, student researchers, and those who have not submitted to the IRB recently.

      February 22, 2022 at 2:00pm
      Registration link will be available soon.

Previous IRB Workshops & Presentations

This presentation covered an overview of the IEP Project goals, ARROW re-design, protocol and consent templates, and new resources for the research community. If prompted, click the Sign In with SSO option and enter uwmadison as the domain.

This presentation provided by RELIANT covered important points to consider when ceding IRB review and the ancillary review matrix, a new tool to assist researchers in navigating institutional requirements for human research apart from the IRB approval process. If prompted, click the Sign In with SSO option and enter uwmadison as the domain.

This presentation covered the Toolkit, one key change from the IRB Efficiency Project (IEP). The Toolkit is a comprehensive set of documents for use by IRB staff, board members, and study teams. In addition to a Toolkit overview, the presentation included an introduction to the Investigator Manual and new investigator resources.

This presentation covered how to choose the right protocol template for your research project when using the new Protocol Based Application.

Topics discussed in this presentation included the RELIANT website, Reliance Manual, serving & ceding documents, and ARROW applications.

Campus Research Education Opportunities

Professional Research Education Program (PREP) courses

PREP is a series of in-person training opportunities developed to prepare UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students to conduct safe and compliant human subjects research. Training topics cover a wide range of areas and new topics are continually developed to keep meeting the needs of research staff. Use the above links to learn more about PREP or to view videos of previous presentations.