Human subjects research falls under the purview of the Madison VA Hospital and requires review and approval by the Madison VA Research & Development Committee (VA R&D) before the research can begin if any of the following conditions apply to the study:

  • There are key personnel engaged in human subjects research for this project or study under their Madison VA (Wm. S. Middleton VA Hospital) appointment.
  • The study or project enrolls, uses specimens obtained from, or involves the use of medical records of Madison VA (Wm. S. Middleton VA Hospital) patients.
  • The project or study is supported by VA funds.

2022 VA Research & Development Committee Meeting Dates

VA Consent Form and HIPAA Authorization Form Template Documents

Consent Form and HIPAA Authorization Form templates along with other guidance, flowchart, and a quick reference for VA researchers can be found on IRBNet.

Contact Information for Madison VA Hospital

  • Research and Development Committee: 608-280-7007,
  • Research Service: 608-280-7007,
  • Research Compliance Officer: 608-256-1901, extension 17805
  • HIPAA Privacy Officer: 608-256-1901, extension 11699
  • Information Security Officer: 608-256-1901, extension 17282