The IRB Directors provide leadership for the IRB office and interface with the Office of Research Compliance and other campus entities.

Lynn Haynes, MS
Interim Director
(608) 262-0558

Casey Pellien, BBA, CIP
Minimal Risk Research Assistant Director
(608) 265-4312

Catherine Rogers, BS
Health Sciences Assistant Director
(608) 262-0041

IRB Analysts

The regulatory compliance staff supports the operations of the IRBs. IRB analysts assist researchers with questions about IRB process and regulatory requirements, as well as provide educational programming to the research community.

IRB staff members:

  • Conduct administrative review of new submissions
  • Manage application workflow
  • Manage communications between research teams and IRB reviewers
  • Provide initial training and ongoing education for IRB members
  • Issue exempt determinations and other decisions.

Health Sciences Team

Rebecca Hoffman, MS
Health Sciences Team Manager
(608) 263-8880

John Cejka, MA
Senior IRB Analyst
(608) 263-6455

Jennifer Fenne, PhD
Senior IRB Analyst
(608) 263-8914

Kendall Holley, BA
IRB Analyst & Facilitator
(608) 262-7564

Jessica Johnson, BS
Senior IRB Analyst
(608) 263-0835

Stephanie Metzger, PhD
IRB Analyst
(608) 261-1156

Joscelyn Stangel, BS
IRB Analyst
(608) 262-3752

Jennifer Wang, BS
IRB Analyst
(608) 265-4389

Minimal Risk Research Team

Monica Esquibel, PhD
Minimal Risk Research Team Manager
(608) 262-3231

Laura Conger, MS, CIP
Senior IRB Analyst
(608) 262-9710

Sherry Holcomb, MS
IRB Analyst
(608) 265-2304

Olyvia Kuchta, MA
IRB Analyst
(608) 263-2301

Jackie Lee, BA
IRB Analyst
(608) 261-1157

Anna Martin, MPH
IRB Analyst
(608) 520-0181

Stephanie Wilson, BA
Senior IRB Analyst
(608) 890-0244

Administrative Support

Administrative support staff serve in critical roles such as submission manager, operational support, and technological support for ARROW and IRB meetings.

Rob Whitehead, BA
Operations and Quality Assurance Specialist
(608) 262-7544

Aly Vanderweide, BA
IRB Office Administrator


The Reliance and Navigation Team (RELIANT) assists researchers with collaborative and multi-site research issues and provides support to researchers in navigating institutional requirements.

Kendall Holley, BA
IRB Analyst & Facilitator
(608) 262-7564