In late March, ARROW was updated to include a new protocol-based application option. This application is significantly shorter than the current full initial review application and eliminates the duplication so researchers will no longer need to provide the same information in the application that is found in their stand-alone protocols.

The shortened application is limited to general study information (e.g., study team, funding, COI, scientific review), external collaboration information, document uploads, and HIPAA information. Detailed study information will be provided in the protocol document uploaded to the application.

This application type should be used for:

  • Biomedical studies with multiple interventions
  • Biomedical studies of more than minimal risk​
  • Clinical trials ​
  • Studies investigating a drug or device
  • Registry and repository studies

To assist the research community with identifying when and how to use the new PBA, the IRBs developed the following resources: