Health Sciences IRB

2022 Dates

Panel APanel BPanel CPanel DPanel EPanel F
April 4April 7April 12April 18April 21April 26
May 2May 5May 10May 16May 19May 24
June 6June 2June 14June 20June 23June 28
August 1July 7July 12July 18July 21July 26
August 29August 4August 9August 15August 18August 23
October 3September 8September 13September 19September 22September 27
November 7October 6October 11October 17October 20October 25
December 5November 3November 15November 21November 17November 29
December 8December 13December 19December 22

Panel A – First Monday
Panel B – First Thursday
Panel C – Second Tuesday (following the second Monday)
Panel D – Third Monday
Panel E – Third Thursday (following the third Monday)
Panel F – Fourth Tuesday (following the fourth Monday)
* Dates may fluctuate to account for holiday scheduling.

Minimal Risk Research IRB

2022 Dates

Panel 1Panel 2
April 13April 25
May 11May 23
June 8June 27
July 13July 25
August 10August 22
September 14September 26
October 12October 24
November 9November 28
December 14

Panel 1 – Second Wednesday
Panel 2 – Fourth Monday
* Dates may fluctuate to account for holiday scheduling.

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