Introducing new HS Panel A Vice-Chair

We would like to welcome Dr. Seth Dailey as the new Vice-Chair of Panel A! Dr. Dailey serves as the Chief of the Laryngology and Voice Surgery section as well as the Laryngology Fellowship Director within the Department of Surgery. The focus of Dr. Dailey’s research is on surgical reconstruction of the vocal fold, vocal fold scarring, laryngeal premalignancy, office-based procedures of the upper airway and laryngeal education.

We are so excited to have Dr. Dailey’s leadership on the IRB and look forward to working with him beginning in October!

New Process for Reportable Event Staff Reviews in ARROW

IRB Staff are no longer uploading their comments in a word document for reportable events (e.g. noncompliance). There is a new activity in ARROW called “Staff Summary” in which analysts can log their comments within the ARROW workspace. IRB members can access these comments by clicking on “Staff Summary Submitted” under the history tab in the Reportable Event Workspace. This is essentially the same process as accessing prepared checklists from the history tab.

Image shows the History tab of the reportable event workspace with a green arrow pointing to an item labeled "Staff Summary Submitted"

Meeting Troubleshooting

This is a friendly reminder that if you are having any issues getting into a meeting or are running late, please send an email to This will let us know how to move forward or to send help if necessary. If, at the last minute, you cannot attend the meeting please send any reviewer notes you have to

Reminder on Reviewing Modification Responses

If you are assigned to review study team modifications, please remember to do so within a few days. If you are unable to review the response in a timely manner, please reach out to the staff analysts so that they can reassign.

IRB member review of a modification response is often the last step before the submission is approved so study teams frequently reach out to the analysts if this is delayed. Timely communication from our members makes this a much easier process for all of us.

Please revisit the mini-training on Reviewing Modification Responses for a refresher on the process.

New Webpage for Potential New IRB Members!

Do you have colleagues, friends, or family who may be interested in serving on the IRB? If so, please forward on our newly launched webpage for both UW-affiliated and unaffiliated individuals from the community who have an interest in IRB membership. Please also feel free to distribute to your departments/divisions/sections as we are always looking for new members!