1. Check whether the person has a NetID and password.

    A registered NetID is required before someone will appear in the ARROW application. To check whether someone has a NetID, search for that person on the NetID lookup page or call DoIT at 608-264-4357.
  2. Register the NetID in ARROW, if necessary.

    The list of registered users in ARROW is regularly updated. If, however, someone has just obtained a new NetID and password and is not yet appearing in ARROW, please use the Register NetID activity (found in the main study workspace) to register the user in ARROW. This activity only needs to be used one time to register someone in ARROW.
  3. Verify that personnel are being added to the correct page of the application.

    If you still have trouble finding someone, please ensure you are adding them to the “Study Team” page rather than the “Study Team: Roles” page. Personnel must be listed on the Study Team page before they can assigned specific roles.
  4. Take additional steps as necessary to add personnel external to the UW-Madison, UW Health, or the Madison VA.

    If you are trying to add external personnel to the IRB application, additional steps are likely required before you can do so. Please contact the Health Sciences IRBs Reliance Team (irbreliance@wisc.edu) for assistance.