The initial review application includes a page about funding that study teams need to complete for all types of IRB applications. This page is the same across all applications, including the ceded and single IRB review applications. Below offers guidance on how to answer each question.

1. Funding Administered by UW-Madison

Question 1: Do you have pending or approved funding administered through Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) or Business Services to support this project?

Answer Yes to this question if:

  • You have been awarded federal or non-federal funding.
  • You have been notified by a federal or non-federal sponsor that funding will likely be awarded to you.

Answer No to this question if:

  • You do not currently have funding to associate with this application.
  • You are planning in the future to submit a funding proposal, but have not yet done so. If you receive funding in the future, you can add this via a change of protocol.
  • The study is funded by VA funds. Information about VA funding can be entered on the VA page later in the application.

1.1 Funding Sources

Question 1.1: Use this chooser to select each funding source administered through UW-Madison that will support this study or project.

This question will appear only if you answer Yes to question 1. Question 1.1 is the funding chooser, which allows study teams to select the funding sources associated with their application. The chooser includes most funding sources (pending and awarded) that are listed in WISPER/WISDM. Please keep the following tips in mind when searching for funding sources in the chooser:

  • The chooser only displays pending funding after the project has been sent to the sponsor.
  • By default, the chooser displays active and pending funding sources for the principal investigator (PI) of the application, with the most recent listed first. To look for awards associated with someone other than the PI, please clear the search field and enter the person or award information you are seeking. For example, if the project is supported by the UW Carbone Comprehensive Cancer center grant, search for “cancer center support grant”.
  • Some funding sources (e.g., WPP, some ICTR awards) may not appear in the chooser if the actual project has not been set up yet. In these cases, you can either wait until the project is created and then select it or enter your funding information in response to question 2.

2. Other Funding

Questions 2: Do you have pending or approved funding NOT listed in the chooser above?

Answer Yes to this question only if you have pending or approved funding not yet listed in campus systems like WISPER or WISDM. This will only apply to a few types of awards, such as WPP and some ICTR funding.

Answer No to this question if:

  • You do not have any funding to associate with this application.
  • All of the funding sources you wish to list in this application are listed in the chooser (question 1.1).