In order to comply with the UW Institutional records retention schedules for IRB applications, this spring, OVCRGE ARROW IT and IRB will begin the process of permanently deleting applications from ARROW that have reached their scheduled record retention period. The retention period is 6 years after a study is closed (which is 4 ½ years after a study is archived and cannot be modified by the study teams or the IRB). You will receive an automated email from ARROW ~ 30 days prior to deletion of these protocols. For studies that never required IRB oversight (studies certified to be not human subjects research, like PDAs, or those withdrawn prior to approval), the retention period is 3 years after certification or being withdrawn. As no human subjects activities were conducted on these studies, you will not receive any study-specific notification prior to deletion of these applications.

As with the paper applications for closed studies that have reached their retention period and been confidentially destroyed by the IRB, when the application is deleted from ARROW, all associated documents (protocol, stamped consents, approval letters, minutes, etc.) will also be deleted.

Detailed information will be sent prior to the official launch of the disposition process.