We are very excited to announce that Lisa Wilson and Travis Doran have accepted leadership positions within the Office of Research Compliance.

As of January 9th, Travis Doran is the Associate Director of HRPP Quality, Compliance, and Reliance, a new position that will oversee the reliance and navigation team and the quality and compliance team. Prior to starting this position, Travis served as an HRPP Quality & Compliance Analyst since 2015. In that role, he conducted post-approval monitoring and engaged in a number of cross-campus committees and duties to support the HRPP.

On February 1st, Lisa Wilson will assume the interim IRB Director role. Lisa Wilson currently serves as Senior University Legal Counsel with a focus in HRPP/IRB/FDA regulations and in that capacity has worked with the IRB committees and office since 2003. She has also led and continues to lead a number of projects with intersections between the UW HRPP and UWHC.

We look forward to continuing to work with them in these new roles!