Revised guidelines for when UW-Madison’s IRB will serve as the single IRB or cede IRB review went into effect January 1st. The two main changes are:

  • UW-Madison will consider serving as the sIRB or ceding IRB review only for non-exempt studies with external funding.
  • UW-Madison will only cede IRB review to or serve as the sIRB for accredited sites or those with a robust HRPP.
  • More information about the revised guidelines can be found in the appendix of the Reliance Manual.

Effective January 1st, a consultation with RELIANT is required for study teams asking the UW to serve as the single IRB (reviewing IRB) for a multisite, non-exempt study. Without prior consultation, the UW cannot agree it will serve as the single IRB. If the UW is unable to serve as the reviewing IRB, RELIANT will assist study teams in identifying another external IRB.

Please contact with any questions about these changes.