The UW has developed new guidelines outlining when the UW will and will not serve as the reviewing IRB or cede IRB review to an external IRB. These guidelines apply to all non-exempt studies. A new decision tree and revised sIRB matrix/rubric will soon be posted; the reliance manual also will be updated. In the interim, please note the following changes:

  • Starting January 1st, study teams will be required to consult with RELIANT when asking the UW to serve as the reviewing IRB (sIRB) for multisite studies BEFORE submitting a grant proposal or IRB application. Without a prior consultation, the UW cannot guarantee to serve as the sIRB. RELIANT will support study teams in identifying another external IRB if the UW is unable to serve.
  • Effective now:
    • UW will only cede or serve for non-exempt studies with external funding.

      Single IRB review is only required for federally-funded studies and therefore, may still not be the best option even if your study has external funding. RELIANT will assist you in identifying the best IRB review option for your study.
    • UW will neither cede nor serve for sites without AAHRPP accreditation or a robust HRPP
  • Studies that do not fall into the new sIRB guidelines will be reviewed by the UW IRB.

These new guidelines do not affect the following:

  • Study teams using a commercial IRB or the NCI CIRB.
  • Addition of external individuals to a study. The UW will continue to serve as the reviewing IRB for individuals as appropriate; the guidelines only pertain to external sites.
  • Exempt studies- as is currently the case, the UW will neither serve as the reviewing IRB nor cede IRB review for exempt studies.

Questions? Please contact RELIANT ( – we are happy to help.