Offboarding Study Team Members: The UW is not automatically the reviewing IRB for personnel no longer affiliated with the UW. If a study team member leaves the UW and will continue to be involved in study activities, a reliance agreement may be needed. Please contact in these situations so we can assist you with additional steps.

SMART IRB Reminders:

  • UW-Madison is a signatory to SMART IRB, which is a national reliance agreement that can help facilitate multi-site research.
  • SMART IRB is not an IRB; it is a reliance agreement among institutions.
  • SMART IRB provides an online reliance system (ORS) that institutions can use to facilitate documentation of reliance decisions. Unless required by another site, the UW does not use the ORS due to the administrative burden it places on our researchers.  Please contact us for assistance if you have questions about the ORS.
  • If an external study team or IRB provides you with SMART IRB documentation that needs to be completed, please contact us for assistance.