Upcoming Events

The IRB office offers outreach curriculum throughout the year.
We also offer outreach sessions for groups and departments upon request;
For more information, check out the Outreach page.

IRB 101: An Introduction to the IRB
This session offers an overview of the IRB process and procedures.  This includes 
required training, working in ARROW, developing a protocol application and supporting documents, and the IRB review process.

IRB 201: Research with Minors, School-Based Research, and Status Relationships
This session centers around research taking place in schools, including projects involving minors and status relationships.  We will address special considerations when conducting research with minors, how to plan for the additional requirements for school-based research, and discuss how to address status relationships between researchers and participants.

IRB 301: International Research & Summer Projects
This session addresses issues unique to international research, travel, and other summer projects.

IRB 401: Research using Social Media & Internet-Based Research
This session addresses issues unique to research using social media site - such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, discussion forums, etc. - and other internet-based research - such as online surveys using Qualtrics, etc.

IRB 501: Qualitative Research
This new session will address typical issues faced by qualitative researchers when submitting to the IRB, and what is necessary for the IRB to review qualitative projects.

IRB 601: Post Project Procedures
This is a new session that will address requirements of the PI and study team after a study is complete, including data retention requirements, PI responsibilities, and study team members leaving UW.

Next session(s):
April 22, 2014 at 10 a.m.

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